Vendor: add, edit or remove vendor information 

Adding a private vendor and catalog ( without accounting) 

Time clock: Setup and edit of employee time clock entries

How do I setup the Time Clock?

Open/Close Cashier Station: User may open and close but not add a new station.

How do I open a Cashier Station?

How do I close a Cashier Station?

Flooring: User can set or edit terms for each manufacturer 

Adding Flooring Estimates

Accounting Reports 

Custom Report Model The user has access to the following customizable reports 

Service Sales Model 

Service Technician Model 

Customer List Model 

Lead List Model 


Leads: User can access the leads tile 

Add Lead

How do I add a lead?

Tax Info: user can set a customer to tax exempt or tax percentage override

AR: Can toggle the AR customer toggle to the on position. Note: It is recommended to advise the accountant that a customer has been set up for AR so the the correct mapping can be done if possible before payment is taken. 

AR Payment: User can choose the AR Method Of Payment from the drop down.  

Garage: View, add, or edit the list of units found under the customer profile 

History: All purchase history for the customer 

Merge Customer : The ability to take multiple customer profiles and merge them into a single entry

Merging customers 

Encrypted Information 

Working Sales: view current or add new leads from the customers profile 

Closed Sales: View closed leads 

Garage: View all current units owned by the customer 

Scheduled Actions: Add or view any appointments 

How do I schedule Follow Up Actions?

Send Email 



Creating custom assignment rules 

Source Management: User is able to add customized ways that a customer heard about the dealership when doing a non internet lead ( example: customer heard about the dealership from a billboard ad) 

configuring media type / ad source

Lead Status Threshold:

Setting Lead Status Thresholds

Lead Setting: See link below for further details 

Lead settings overview 


How do I pull reports for previously sent campaigns?

Transfer Open Lead: User can assign the lead to another user

Transferring Open Leads

Finance Applications: Ability to view new and processed applications 

View/Print New and Processed Finance Forms

Calls: With the feature active user will be able to listen to messages from incoming leads 

How do I View Calls and Listen to Recordings?

Incoming Leads

Customer Reports: User has access to all customer reports under the customer tile EXCEPT for: 

Testimonial Report


DX1 Help

Contact Support 



Sales Person: User will be the default sales person for quotes when logged into DX1

Show Profitability: From within a quote or deal, allows the user to click on Total Amount Due to see how much is being made on the deal. 

Sales: Access to the Sales tile 

Add/Remove Trade in from Inventory

Taking a trade in before the unit is sold 

F&I Sales: User has access in three different areas:

1. Within the quote or deal itself

2. Dealership Settings 

3. Within Inventory under F&I info for the model if applicable 

Click the link below for further details and process information 

F&I Products FAQ

Inventory List

Major Unit Inventory and DX1

Note: For the next few permissions, please refer to the link above


Receiving Without a PO

Receiving with a PO 

Transfer into Inventory

Transfer Out of Inventory

Incentives: User has access in three areas

1. Within the quote or deal itself

2. Under the model info inside inventory

3. Edit/Create private incentives

Creating Private Incentives

Rebates and incentives

Packaging: The ability to sell a unit with a trailer as a package deal.  Note: the feature must be active in Dealership Settings.  For further information concerning Major units and defaults, click the link below 

Dealership Settings Part 1: General Information and Major Unit Setting

Model List/Information Model Type

Model Type 

Body Type

Major Unit Reports: User has access to all reports EXCEPT FOR:

Lightspeed Major Unit Sales History 

MU XML Data Fields 

Settings: User has access to the following areas.  See links below for further information. 

Dealership Settings Part 1: General Information and Major Unit Setting

Dealership Settings Part 2: F&I Products, Part Setting, and Manufacturer Vendors

Dealership Settings Part 3: Part Suppliers, Service Setting, and Time Clock

User DOES NOT have access to the following areas of Settings:

Email Domain 

DX1 fiche for DMS setting



Network Access Setting

Install DX1 QuickBooks Integration 


Newsletters: User can Edit/Create Newsletters, Email Blasts, and subscriber changes.  See related help topics below

Building a Newsletter

Subscribers and Subscriber Groups: an overview 

How do I pull reports for previously sent campaigns?

Events: User can Edit/Create Events associated with the dealership website. 


Listing Inventory: User can make changes to inventory related to units on the dealership website. See the link below. 

Adding units to listing inventory


Dealership Website

OEM Promotions: User can approve or decline OEM promotions

OEM Promotions FAQ 

Banner Builder

Creating a Custom Banner