Vendor: can add/edit vendors. Note: The account mapping for the vendor will still need to be done by the accountant unless the user has custom permissions set.

Adding a private vendor and catalog ( without accounting) 

Time Clock: Can add/edit employee time clock entries 

How do I setup the Time Clock?

Open/Close Cashier The user cannot setup a new cashier station, only open or close an existing station

How do I open a Cashier Station?

How do I close a Cashier Station?

How do I assign an employee to a cashier station?

Accounting Reports

Custom Report Model: The user has access to the following customizable reports 

Service Sales Model 

Service Technician Model 

Lead List Model 

Customer List Model 


Leads: User can access the leads tile 

Add Lead

How do I add a lead?

Tax Info: user can set a customer to tax exempt or tax percentage override

AR: Can toggle the AR customer toggle to the on position. Note: It is recommended to advise the accountant that a customer has been set up for AR so the the correct mapping can be done if possible before payment is taken. 

AR Payment: User can choose the AR Method Of Payment from the drop down.  

Discounts: User can set Service related discounts from the drop downs provided 

Adding a Parts or Service discount to an invoice

Garage: View, add, or edit the list of units found under the customer profile 

History: All purchase history for the customer 

Merge Customer : The ability to take multiple customer profiles and merge them into a single entry

Merging customers 

Encrypted Information 

Working Sales: view current or add new leads from the customers profile 

Closed Sales: View closed leads 

Garage: View all current units owned by the customer 

Scheduled Actions: Add or view any appointments 

How do I schedule Follow Up Actions?

Send Email 

Lead Setting: See link below for further details 

Lead settings overview 

Transfer Open Lead: User can assign the lead to another user

Transferring Open Leads

Incoming Leads

Customer Reports 


DX1 Help

Contact Support



Re-Complete Invoice 

Un - Complete Invoice 

Model List/Information Model Type: This allows the user to look up model information for repair orders ans well as charge to MU invoices 

Settings: User has access to all areas of local and dealership settings except for:

Co-Op Funding

Email Domain 

DX1 fiche for DMS Setting

Taxes and Fees

Network Access Setting

Install DX1 Microfiche Interface 

Install DX1 Quick books Integration 

Marketing: The access below refers to the Marketing tiles 

Social Marketing 

Setting up Facebook Marketplace

Newsletters: access to this tile allows for creation and edits to the following areas:

See below for related help articles for each topic 

Building a Newsletter

Email Blasts

Subscribers and Subscriber Groups: an overview 

How do I pull reports for previously sent campaigns?


Uncomplete Invoice 

Recomplete Invoice

Note: For the above two permissions the parts invoices are attached to the RO from the service side as a parts request 



Service Technician 

Service Sales

Uncomplete Invoice 

Recomplete Invoice 

Standard Job Template: User can create or edit templates 

Creating service invoice templates 

Service Templates 

Technician Rate: User can set the default tech rate 

Setting and Editing Technician Rates

Service Rate: User can set the default service rates for RO's 

Service Reports 

User has access to all reports except for: 

Light speed Service History


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