Note: For some roles a definition may not be required as the role is self explanatory. For some definitions, a link to an article will be added to provide further details on the role itself. 

Accounting: No permissions 


Customer: What the user can see from within the customer tile on the dashboard


User can: 

Garage: user can see all units either brought into the service area previously, units added by the dealership manually, or units purchased from the dealership using DX1 Sales 

History: Purchase history for the customer within DX1

Working Sales: Any open lead still in process. Users can also add a lead from the customer profile as well. 

Close Sales: Any leads that have been closed 

Schedule Actions: Add or view previous appointments 

Send Email 

Send SMS 


Within the Customer Profile the user cannot:

Set default tax exemption

Change tax info 


AR Payment 


 Leads: can access the leads tile.  Within the leads tile the user may:

Add Lead

How do I add a lead?

Customer Reports

Customer List 

Customer Birthdays 

Customer Duplicates 

Customer Owned Units 


DX1 Help:  Access to all DX1 help articles 

Contact Support: The ability to send emails or chat with support staff

Announcements: When the user logs in, any new changes that that been added to the system will show before the user is fully logged in 


Local Setting: Access to the following areas:

My Account 

Application Reset: When settings are changed resetting DX1 will update changes made. 

Parts And Accessories 

Inventory List: The user may search and make changes to inventory levels

Parts Inventory Detail Overview

Parts Ordering:

Parts ordering overview 

 Stock Parts ordering 

Parts Ordering - Tucker Rocky

Parts Ordering - BRP

Parts Ordering - Western Power Sports 

Parts Receiving 

Receiving parts 

Parts Receiving: Receiving without a PO

Parts Label Printing

Printing Inventory Labels after parts have been received 


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