Q: How does DX1 define what a "User" is and does a dealership charged for every user within DX1?

A. Please click on the link for a full overview of how DX1 defines a "billable" user 

DX1 Billable User Explanation 

Q. Who can access a users information to make changes to permissions? 

A. Only Mangers and Administration level users may make changes

Q. As a non manager user am I able to see what permissions I currently have access to? 

A. Yes, see below 

Note: The image shown for the above example does not allow for any changes to be made, it simply allows the user to see the current permissions based on their role. 

Q. As a manager, how would I go about changing, adding, or removing permissions for myself? or another user? 

A. See below.  

Click on your initials in the upper left hand corner, then choose Users from the dropdown 

Users may search or scroll down until they find the DX1 user name. Click the name to access the user. 

After scrolling down, three options will be on the left hand side as shown. 

A. Primary Role: Based on the default permissions assigned to the role itself

B. Secondary Role: This allows the user to have two sets of default permissions based on dual roles at the dealership. 

Example: one user needs to be a parts and service manager. 

C. Custom Permissions

As the primary role dropdown is clicked and changed, the defaults will change as well. Once changes are made the Save button must be clicked for changes to take effect. 

Note: When setting Primary and Secondary roles: The primary role needs to be at the highest access, Example: if the user is the Service manager and also needs access to sell units, make Service manager the primary, and then the sales person the secondary role

As a manager or admin, you may also set Custom Permissions. Toggle to the on position and select the check boxes as needed. Note: Primary and Secondary roles checkboxes will still be in affect unless unchecked along with the new permissions