Note: For some roles a definition may not be required as the role is self explanatory. For some definitions, a link to an article will be added to provide further details on the role itself. 

Note: When a user logs in with all permissions set, they can either scroll to the right hand side to see all available tiles based on the permissions given, or click the left menu icon as shown 


Open/Close Cashier: Users can open/close the cashier station but cannot setup a new station to be used

How do I open a Cashier Station?

Customer: What the user can see from within the customer tile on the dashboard


User can: 

1. Edit customer info ( name, address, extended info)


User cannot: 

1. Set default tax exemption

2. Create an AR customer 

3. Merge customers 

4. Set or add discounts


 Leads: can access the leads tile 

Add Lead

How do I add a lead?

View all leads

AR payment: Users will be able to select the payment from the drop down so long as the customer has been setup as an AR customer type. ( Note: depending on permission requirements, the user may have to enter in a parts PIN as well) 

Garage: user can see all units either brought into the service area perviously, units added by the dealership maually, or units purchased from the dealership using DX1 Sales 

History: Purchase history for the customer within DX1

Working Sales: Any open lead still in process. Users can also add a lead from the customer profile as well. 

Close Sales: Any leads that have been closed 

Schedule Actions: Add or view previous appointments 

Customer Reports

User has access to all reports within the tile except for: 

Testimonial Report


DX1 Help:  Access to all DX1 help articles 

Contact Support: The ability to send emails or chat with support staff

Announcements: When the user logs in, any new changes that that been added to the system will show beofre the user is fully logged in 


Local Setting: Access to the following areas:

My Account 

Application Reset: When settings are changed resetting DX1 will update changes made. 

Service Sales: Access to 

Creation and conversion of Estimates into Repair Orders 

Standard Job Templates: Can create and edit Templates

Salesperson: When the user logs in they will be the default sales person on service invoices.  Note: If the user needs to change who the sales person is, the permission must be checked in their user profile. 

Service Technician: Can set themselves as the tech and assign others as technicians for Repair Orders 

Users may work all areas of a Repair Order. See below for links for recommended areas to review  

How to start an Estimate and convert to a Repair Order

Service Invoice Overview

Requesting Parts for Repair Orders: Rules and Reasons

Adding parts to a repair order 

Refunding on hold and completed parts invoices attached to RO's ( from the Service Tile) 

Service Templates 

Users Cannot: 

Uncomplete an invoice

Recomplete an invoice 

Add or edit the technician or service rate 

Service Scheduling: Access To: 

Service Scheduling Tile

How to Create Service Scheduler Appointments in DX1

Technician Scheduling See above link

Ride Ready: 

Polaris Ride Ready Integration


Dealership Website