NOTE:  **FOR QB Online only – does not work for Desktop

To move your balance from the AR to the AP vendor you need to complete both parts below: 


Part One 

  1. + New button

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  1. Under Customers: Receive Payment

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  1. Choose the customer name

  1. Choose all the invoices that you will be using as a credit

  1. Change bank to the AR to AP Transfer GL account

  1. Save and Close

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Part Two 

To show the credit on the Vendor bill 

  1. Expenses>Vendor

  1. Choose Vendor you are paying 

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  1. Click New transactions on top right and choose Vendor Credit 

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  1. Enter the date and a reference number and amount 

  1. For Category choose Account AR to AP Transfer 

  1. Enter your description and amount 

  1. Save and Close 

  1. You will now see a credit for that vendor’s account that you can use towards open invoices.