This feature is available to all dealers using QBO and once enabled will automatically:

  • Add newly created AR customers to QBO - you will no longer need to use the DX1 Accounting App to do this so it makes the process MUCH more efficient

  • Update AR Customer balances - this means that if a payment is taken for an AR customer in QBO the balance for that customer will automatically be updated in DX1, so you can feel confident that the number you see in DX1 is always up to date

This feature is Off by default, to enable the feature:

  1. In a Browser (Chrome or Edge) login to DX1 

  2. Go to Dealership Settings / Accounting Settings

  3. Turn the “Automatically Sync AR Customer” toggle On

  4. Click the “Connect/Reconnect” button to login to QBO and follow the on screen prompts, this process only needs to be done once

  5. Click Save

Note: the one time login to QBO MUST be done from a browser, it can not be done from the DX1 Windows 10 app