Note: The document is to only be used if the dealership is using the DX1 Quickbooks connector and accounting integration

Note: Only those with the proper permissions may access the following areas of DX1

 Needed vendor: Warranty

Needed AR account : Third party company 

Needed MOP: Method Of Payment

Part 1: Creating the and Warranty Vendor

Click on the Accounting tile

Click Add in the upper left hand corner

Click on the drop down, choose Warranty Vendor, then OK

Fill out all required fields for the top section for the vendor

Scroll to the bottom section of the vendor creation page. The following will need to be setup: 

Warranty Pricing Information: the specific labor rate for warranty jobs only, along with any discounts that may be applied for parts pricing

Accounting Information: This section will be filled out later on in this document 

Part 2: Creating the AR customer in DX1 

Click on Customer Search 

Add the customer as normal, Note: Make sure to set the AR Customer toggle to the on position then click Save 

Part 3: Setting the Customer and Vendor accounting sections 

Search for the warranty vendor 

Click on the AR tab, then click the drop down under Accounts Receivable Account section and choose Accounts Receivable.  Click Save once done 

Search for the warranty vendor and scroll to the bottom.  Under the Accounting Information drop downs, the AP General Ledger Vendor account has been filled in from the sync process.  Set the Accounts Payable drop down then click save

Part 4: Creating and mapping the MOP ( Method Of Payment )

Choose Method Of Payment from the menu on the left 

Click Add in the upper left hand side 

Name the MOP, choose the Service Warranty radio button, then choose the correct Vendor, GL Account, and Customer from the drop down and search fields then click Save

Part 5: Adding the vendor to Quickbooks 

Note: Both Quickbooks and the QB accounting connector must be open prior to this process 

From the DX1 Accounting Connector click on the Vendors tab and search for the new warranty vendor 

Under the Sync to QB section, click the drop down arrow and choose copy to Quickbooks then click Submit

Click the Customer Mapping tab, find the warranty customer, and choose Copy to Quickbooks as well then Submit

Click the completed button under each tab as the sync is done