Quickbooks Online

PRO’s for DX1 Users

  • Easier daily deposits - All Je’s from DX1 have the memo’s visible so you can see what the DX1 MOP was.

  • Set AR customer credit limits directly in DX1 after initial sync to QBO

  • Multiple users will have remote access to the books.

  • Multiple people will have access to the books simultaneously.

  • High degrees of automation.

CON’s for DX1 Users

  • Comes with a monthly fee of $60 per company file under 250 accounts and $150 per month over. This is per company file.

  • If you currently use QB desktop it is a new interface to learn.

  • If you are coming from QB Desktop, they will lose the ability to easily utilize multiple AR and AP accounts.  DX1 transactions can still be sent to specific AR/AP, but you cannot drill into one account once in QBO for bill pay or invoice receiving.

Other Things to Know

  • Must run windows 10 on the computer/s that will sync, can be accessed from other platforms but the DX1 connector requires windows 10. 

  • If you are currently setup to sync with Quickbooks Desktop there is a one time $500 charge to convert to Quickbooks Online.