Note:  Only those users with the proper accounting permissions will have access to mapping of manufacturers

 Part 1: Mapping the Vendor

Click the Vendor tile

Search for the  Vendor

Choose the Major Unit vendor type 

Scroll to the bottom, under Accounting Information select the correct accounts for AP General Ledger Vendor and Accounts Payable Account drop downs as shown 

Part 2: Mapping the customer 

Note: A customer is needed for the manufacturer for setting up the warranty vendor later in this document 

Click Customer Search then Add

Fill in the Company Namfield, The user will be asked if they wish to define as a business as shown and click yes

Note: The Display Name As field will mirror the name of the company entered, users can change the name to reflect something different so they are able to identify the account easier when it comes to accounting entries if applicable. Scroll down to the bottom and fill out all other required fields and click Save

Part 3: Mapping the warranty customer for Accounts Receivable.  This is needed for warranty work to be charged to the manufacturer.

Click the AR tab once inside the customer profile for the warranty customer 

Select the correct accounts from the drop down and click save. 

Part 4: Mapping the Warranty Vendor to the Manufacturer Customer

From part 1 in this document choose vendors then click on the Warranty Vendor. 

Scroll to the bottom and map the accounts shown.  By mapping to the customer this makes sure the warranty can be billed like any other customer then click Save

Part 5: Mapping the MOP ( Method Of Payment) 

Click the user initials in the upper right hand corner then Dealership Settings

Choose Method Of Payment from the menu on the left 

Search for the Warranty MOP then open 

Select the Vendor and customer drop down menus for mapping.  Once done click Save. 

Part 6: Mapping the Customer Cash Back MOP 

Search for the Manufacturer by going though the previous steps in part 5 of this document.  Select the Cash Back option as shown. 

Map the Manufacturer, and Customer fields, then click Save