On occasion a dealer will have an agreement with a vendor where credits need to be collected and deposited directly into the dealers Quickbooks bank account. 

Part 1: Finding the credit amount that needs to be moved

From within QB go to Vendor then Vendor Center 

Choose the vendor from the menu on the left hand side. All available bills and credits will be shown. 

Double click on the correct credit entry.

Once the entry has been made clear out the Credit Amount field as shown then click Save and close

Part 2: Creating the invoice and receiving the payment 

Click on Customers then Create Invoice 

From the Item drop down choose the AR to AP transfer account then enter the amount to be deposited. Click Save and Close when done. 

Click Receive Payments 

Select the amount to be received then ACH for the method of payment, then click Save and Close in the lower right hand corner


Part 3: Depositing into the bank 

Click Record Deposits

Record the deposit for the credit as normal