Q: After parts orders are received, what kind of entries are created? And how do they get to Quickbooks? 

A: Before Reconciliation occurs though the accounting integration, the following entries are generated:

A drill down of the mapped accounts for the entry can be shown by clicking on the Edit pencil on the left hand side.


Note: If the entry is pink the user will need to use the edit pencil to ensure all drop down boxes as shown above have an account to be placed in when sent over to Quickbooks. 

After The entries have been posted to Quickbooks dealers can review the following report to verify that the mapping is correct. For the above example the entries deal with Accounts Payable. 

Recommended Report: Accounting AR & AP Entries 

Click on the Reports tile form the dashboard

Choose Accounting AR & AP Entries 

Use the filters to choose the date range and if the entries are posted or unposted

The transaction number shown for the entries will match up with what was posted over to Quickbooks.

As well at the accounts the entries were posted to based on mapping  ( Note: depending on the size of your screen you may need to use the slider bar at the bottom of the report and scroll to the right to see the information)