Note: Only those users with the proper permissions will be able to access the edit website tile to add this module.

From the dashboard click on Edit Website

Choose the area of the website where the Ultra Media Gallery will be placed. Click the Edit Pencil from the left hand side menu. 

Once in edit mode, choose which container the module needs to be placed by clicking Add Module on the right hand side

All available modules will be listed in alphabetical order by scrolling. Users may also search by specific name as shown 

 Of the options shown it is recommended to only choose the first grid shown.. The other options may not be responsive and cause unexpected results.

Click Create album with full options

Users may enter a Title and Description to remind them what the album will contain as far as image information ( example: “Helmets On Sale”)  Once entered click Update 

Choose the Upload tab to add images to the Gallery 

The following options are available to add images to the gallery:

  1. Choose files from the PC 

  2. Drag and Drop 

  3. Import from a server 

  4. Add from the web

As each file is uploaded the following message will appear.  Click the home tab to see images in the gallery. 

The Gallery now shows the added images. Note: Users may also remove the name of the module ( in this case the word “Helmets”) if they only want to show any additional text. 

Click Settings 

Click Advanced 

 Click Close  to see the Gallery as it will appear on the website without the module name.