Part 1: Uploading videos to YouTube

Note: the Dealerships YouTube channel must be setup before going through this process

Open the dealerships YouTube channel then click the Upload icon in the upper right hand corner. 

Click the arrow or drag the video file that needs to be uploaded. 

YouTube will need a few moments to process the video. Watch the progress bar at the top.

Note: Do not close the page as the uploading is being done. 

You will have the following options before the video is published:

Set the Title, Description, and Tags ( Tags are keywords that allow the viewer  to find the video when searching) 

Choose if the video can be shared on Twitter or if it will be added to a playlist ( example: this video will be added to the DX1 Training videos)

YouTube will offer default thumbnail images that the viewer will first see before hitting play. You can also do a custom thumbnail 

Click Publish once all applicable fields have been set. 

Choose additional social media outlets that the video will be shared to.  You will need to copy the link as shown so it can be used with the YouTube module for your website on DX1.

Part 2: Adding the YouTube module to your DX1 website 

Click the Edit pencil to go into edit mode for the page where the module will be added.

Click Add Module ( for this example the baner area will be used.) 

Use the search filed to find the module ( for the example the word “you” was typed in to find youtube) Click on the module once found.

Click Module Actions on the right hand side then Manage Videos from the dropdown box

Click the Videos tab then paste in the link that was copied from youtube when it was uploaded. Choose the Save button when done. 

Once added click Close 

The video now shows on the website.