The websites module offers additional options outside of the dealership managing their current inventory or the kinds of models that are offered on their DX1 hosted site.  See below for a description of the most common tiles that are used.

1. Edit Website: Note: This tile can only be accessed by those users who have the Website Administrator permission. 

Q. What are the most common types of changes that a dealer would want or need to make to their website? 

1. Changes to uploaded pictures by the dealership ( example: Ultra Media Galleries etc....)

2. Any written content added by the dealership ( example: HTML modules) 

3. You tube content ( example: videos on the the dealerships you tube channel that are then uploaded to the dealership website) 

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Adding an HTML module

YouTube videos and your DX1 website

2. OEM Promotions: DX1 works with manufacturers to provide the most current promotions offered.  Dealers can review, approve, or deny these promotions before sending them to the website.  Additionally, all promotions will automatically be removed from the website once they expire.

Click the link below for an overview 

OEM Promotions FAQ 

3. Survey's and Testimonials: Note: This is a feature that has to bee added by contacting DX1 support at: 877 - 944 - 6766

Click on the link for an FAQ

Survey and Testimonials

4. Slideshow Management

Q. What kinds of images can be added to the slideshow

A. The slideshow can be a mixture of OEM Promotions and any private image uploaded by the dealership. 

Q.  As mentioned above, the OEM promotions are automatically removed once they expire, does this work for the slideshows as well? does the dealership have to remove the private images manually? 

A. Yes, The expiration dates will apply to any OEM promotion in a slideshow. Dealers can also set expiration dates for private images they add as well. 

Click the link below for instructions 

How to change slideshow images