Note: The steps shown can only be done by those with the proper permissions to access the Edit Website tile 

Q. How can I tell if I can make changes to the website at the dealership? 

A.  When logged in the user will see the Edit Website tile (fig.1) 

Q. Why does my website look the same after clicking the tile?

A. By design the website is not automatically in edit mode once the tile has been clicked on. Click the Edit pencil in the upper left hand corner of the screen to be able to make changes. (fig 2)

Q. How can I tell that I can make changes?

A. Each area of a dealership website is broken into containers.  The user will know when they are in edit mode by the following: 

A. The container will have a name listed at the top, Example: HeaderInfo as shown 

B. The option to Add Module 

Note: For details on how to add a module, please click the link below.  

Adding an HTML module

C. The Module Actions icon will appear.  This icon indicates that information within the container can be changed. 

Q.  Why can't I make changes to any other page other than the page I'm on once the edit pencil has been clicked? 

A. The website defaults to allow the user to make changes based solely on the current area they are working in. Each time the user changes which area of the site they are on ( example changing from the Home page to Showroom )  the edit pencil will need to be clicked again once the user is in the new area before changes can be made. 

Q. Is there a way that a user can go to any part of the website and immediately make changes?

A. Yes.  To place the entire site into edit mode click on the Edit Pencil twice.  On the second click the user will be prompted to  "Click to lock edit mode").  Once done the edit pencil will grey out.  (fig. 3) 

Q. How do I take my site out of edit mode once changes have been made? 

A. This can be done two ways: 

D.  Click again on the edit pencil in the upper left hand corner

 E.  Click the Close button in the lower right hand corner