Install the application, it can be found through the Microsoft Store, iTunes, or Google Play 

Once installed click on the icon as shown:

Current inventory will show with a search filter listed at the top.  Users can search by VIN, stock, and model 

Choose the unit to see the following:


Any photos added from current inventory will be shown, click the Enable Stock Photos for images included from the manufacturer.  Additional images can be added from the mobile device gallery so long as they have been saved to that mobile device. Click the four lines icon on the left to change the order the pictures display if applicable.

Note: Users may also added photos from within DX1 under the Major Unit Management for end to end dealers or though listing inventory for marketing only 


Current pricing will show based on what was set inside DX1.  Any section with a line underneath ( example Replace " Retail Price" test With)  will allow the user to make changes directly from the mobile application. 



Basic information from DX1 inventory will be shown. 

A sold date will show under the info tab if that date has been added from the listing inventory tile inside DX1


Any marketing data that has been included with the public data provided by the manufacturer will be shown here.  


Dealers can see if a unit has already been sent or is featured on the website, send to the website, or remove from the website