Note: This feature can only be used for manually created leads.  This feature allows users to add sources event rather than the preset options Dx1 provides.  

From the DX1 Dashboard under  Customers and Leads choose the Lead Setting tile

From the menu on the left hand side choose Source Management 

Click the Add button in the upper left hand corner

Click the Media Type drop down then choose Add New Media Type 


Media Type:  What kind of media will be used ( Radio, T.V. ETC....)

Ad Source:  Where the Ad is coming from ( example, the local radio station) 

Once the Media Type and Ad Source have been chosen, click Save

 Choose the Media Type from the drop down when creating a manual lead.

Once selected the Ad Source drop down will open.  Choose the Ad Source 

Complete the rest of the floor lead as normal. 

Additional rules:

  1. A limit of 30 Ad Sources may be added to any one Media Type

  1. Custom Media Types and Ad Sources will be available in Lead Reporting and in the Lead Dashboard widget

 If a user needs to disable an Ad Source go into Source Management as shown  then search by either Media Type or Ad Source

To disable un check the box under the active section

Click OK to disable the Ad source

Additional Rules when disabling an Ad Source:

*Disabling an Ad Source will not remove it from the system; it will simply be unavailable in the Media Type / Ad Source drop down when a new lead is manually created.

**Disabling all Ad Sources for a given Media Type will remove that Media Type from the Media Type / Ad Source drop down when a new lead is manually created.