Click Staff Builder 

Click Staff Builder from the upper left hand corner 

Click the drop down select existing to choose from current employees.  Dealers may also fill in the first and last name fields for new employees.  Note: The Department drop down is a required field that must be selected for any employee using the staff builder section. 

Add Bio information and email for customers to contact the employee, then click Next  in the upper right hand corner 

The Optimal Image Size will be shown at the top. By setting the image by the size shown it will ensure the image looks correct on the website. Click +Add more files as shown or drag and drop in the image. 

Once the image has been added click upload in the lower right hand corner

If necessary, you will be prompted through Image resizing process

Follow the prompts and click ok

The pop-up window will close and the staff member you just created will display under the department you selected in the Staff page

Click on “View on website” button on the top right to see the staff page in dealership website. 

Note: You should have already added Staff module on your website staff page for this to display on your website.

Staff Builder FAQ'S

How do I delete a staff member?

To delete a staff, select the check box on the staff member and click the Delete button on the top of the Staff Builder page. 

Can I create a copy of the staff?

To create a copy of staff, you need to select the checkbox that appears at the bottom of each staff member and click on Copy bottom on the top of staff builder page.  The copied staff member will be in inactive by default.

Can I edit the Department/Group name once it is already created?

You can click on the edit icon next to each department/group to change the name. Click on check mark symbol to save your change.

The Department I want to display is not on the drop-down list, How do I create one?

When adding a new staff member, select the [Add New] option in the Department drop down to create a new department and place the new staff member into it.

Where can I see the bio for a staff member I added?
If you have added a bio while creating the staff profile, you will see a More information icon (as an exclamation point) on the staff picture on the website. 

Click the icon and a pop-up window will display with the staff member’s bio. If you have added a phone number while creating the staff member, you will see the phone number displayed here as well.

How can a customer contact me ?

If an email was provided when creating a staff member, customers will see a “Contact” button on the profile pop up window. Selecting the ‘Contact’ button will open a contact form that may be used to contact the staff member directly via email.