Users may now set the number of days a sold unit will remain on their website. 

Q. Is this feature available for all DX1 users?

A.  Yes, both E2E and Marketing Only customers.

QWhere is the setting activated? 

A. See example below. Note: this example is for both marketing only and E2E dealers. 

Note: Only Owners, GMs, Sales Managers and Web Administrators will have the permissions to activate or change this setting. 

Click on the users initials, then choose Marketing from the drop down

Choose Web for the correct URL website 

Scroll to the bottom of the page.  Enter in the number of days, then click Save  in the upper right hand corner. 

Q. How does DX1 know when to remove the sold units from the website after the default days have passed? 

A. See below for an examples

For E2E customers: the unit will stay on the site for the default number of days based on when the unit was sold 

For Marketing Only customersThe default will go into effect if a user enters a value under Date Sold inside Listing Inventory