Customers can now sign up to be alerted when pricing changes occur for a unit they are interested in directly from the dealership website.  The feature is only available for new or used inventory with the new detail page template with the open lead form.  

If you do not see the the Get Price Alert option for your website please contact DX1 support at 877-944-6766 or email to have the template activated. 

Note: The default setting for Price Alerts is ON.  But there are two cases where the link will not show on inventory showing on the website:

Get Price or Hide Price are turned on inside Major Unit Inventory ( the example below is for dealers who sell their units though DX1) 

The same option can be set inside listing inventory as well for both end to end and marketing only dealers ( same unit found under listing inventory) 

The unit has a sold date inside listing inventory

When Get Price Alerts is activated and displaying on appropriate units, the customer will be required to complete the sign-up form with the following information: 

Once the customer clicks Sign Up Now they will receive the following confirmation message alerting the customer that they will receive and need to verify their email address prior to alerts being sent.

Example of the verification email. Users will be required to verify their email address before receiving price alerts.

Verification is not required to generate Price Alert lead.  Verification is ONLY required to send the consumer the price alert emails letting them know of a price change on that specific unit.

Additional Price Alert Information:

Once a consumer signs up for price alerts, they will receive a series of notifications whenever there is a price change.  These notifications are NOT available for editing as templates via Email templates.  They will be sent like other leads assignment notifications - from the system.

If the price goes up or down the consumer will get a notification.

Notifications are batched and sent twice a day.  If a dealer updates the price on a unit multiple times then the consumer who signed up for notifications will receive multiple notification based on time updated and the schedule for notifications.

If a dealer updates the price of the unit to 0 - a notification will NOT be sent.

Consumers can opt out of notifications via unsubscribe link in the notifications (see below). Unsubscribing from the price alert notifications will NOT affect the status of the lead.   And vice versa - closing a lead or updating the lead status will NOT affect the sending of the price alert notifications.