Q. What kinds of units can a customer see on my website?

A. Dealers can show both current new/used inventory and model data for the lines the dealership carries 

Q. Can parts be sold though the website? 

A. No, only major unit inventory.  Dealers can add E-Commerce, which allows for customers to view and buy parts from the dealership.  Click on the link below for additional information on how E-Commerce works. 

E-Commerce FAQ

Q. How does current inventory get to my website? 

A. Once a unit has been added to inventory, dealers may add each unit individually using the Destinations toggle when looking at the specific unit inside inventory.  Dealers may also have the Auto Activate Destinations option turned on in the default settings area of their DX1 DMS. 

See the links below for both manual and auto adding of units to the website

How do I enable units for my website?

Sending major units automatically to the dealership website ( auto activate setting) 

Q. What kind of control does the dealership have when it comes to the models shown on the website? 

A. Many of the default controls for model information can be found under Dealership Settings then the Marketing section found in the drop down. 

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