Main Inventory Screen:

  1. Top Search boxes:

+Add: Click to Receive without a PO 


Year: The most current model year will be listed at the top of the drop down box

Model/Model Code: 



2. Stock # color codes:

Green: Public model with marketing information, This is  the data DX1 gets directly from the manufacturer .

Yellow:  Public model without marketing.  This still provides the basic public data ( make model, year etc….) from the manufacturer but specifications on the unit are not included.

Orange : Private model without marketing: Any unit added by the dealer where DX1 is not providing data from the manufacturer.

3. Status box color codes

Note: Default boxes can be set to only show specific unit status ( in this example only in stock and in stock DT ( dealer trade).  

Green: The unit is in stock.  ( Note: the green box does not show how many open quotes are in progress for the stock number itself. )

Yellow: The quote on the stock number has been converted to a deal status.  The box can be clicked on to view the deal number in Major Unit Sales.

Dealer Trade: These are units that have been transferred in from other dealerships.

4. Advanced Search 

Click on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner

Three drop down boxes are available:

Is paid: will only show units that have been marked as paid for within DX1

Condition: New/Used



In Stock, In stock DT

On Hold

In Trade 



Once the filter is set The main search screen will change based on the filter. For this example the dealer can see all units sold out of DX1.  Click the black status box to see the deal the unit was sold under.