Q.  Does DX1 have direct integration with CycleTrader? Is it something that we have to pay for? 

A.  Yes DX1 does have an agreement with CycleTrader. The service can be activated at no charge.  Please contact support at 877-944-6766 for further details. 

Q. Once activated, how are units added to CycleTrader?  Can the feature be used if DX1 is just hosting my website only? 

A. the feature is available to DMS who have a website hosted by DX1 and website only dealerships.  See below for an examples 

Example #1 For E2E users ( those who sell their units using DX1) 

Select the unit from inventory.  Once inside inventory detail click Destinations from the menu on the left

Toggle the switch to the “On” position then click Save. 

Example # 2 Website only users

Select the unit from inside Listing Inventory, then click Edit Specs from the menu on the left 

Choose Destinations from the menu on the left 

Q. Once the toggle is activated for a unit, does it show up immediately on the CycleTrader website? 

A. Depending on how busy the upload queue is on the CycleTrader side, units can take as little as five minutes or as long as twelve hours to show on CycleTrader. 

Q. Does DX1 tell me when a unit has been added to CycleTrader? 

A. Yes, once posted a link is added to the unit under destinations in either Major Unit Management or Listing Inventory