Note: Only those with the proper permissions my access this part of the website.

Part 1: Adding the Blog Module

Please contact  your DX1 Account Manager  to have the blog module added to the dealership website. 

Part 2: Setting defaults for the blog before posting

Click on the Module actions and select "Manage Blog" 

the following pop up window (see below) where you should name your blog and add a subtitle and add the author's name that will be responsible for most of the blog posts. If you are unsure of what to enter, you can  leave the rest of the options as is. You can always go back later to change them.

Once set, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the update button in the lower right hand corner. 

Part 3: Posting a blog 

Click Module Actions then Add Post

As you scroll down, you will see Summary. Please note that this is the short description of the post that will display in the post list. In the next block you will be asked to make the actual post. I've highlighted a few control buttons you will likely use frequently in addition of course to the normal text formatting buttons.

1=add photo

2= select template

3= add link (you should highlight the text you want to show as a link and then press that button)

Once you have completed the post, add some tags (words that are relevant to the blog post content so people can search). They can be as broad or as specific as you like. Think of them as search engine keywords for searching your blog posts.

You can also add categories that will group posts of a category together, things like: new model review or events or even the brand name or model you are writing about, that way someone can come in and choose the Honda category and get all the Honda articles, etc).

You can add a separate SEO Info section, but most leave blank and the system uses the summary instead. An idea would be to use the summary in that field PLUS add your dealer name, city, state, etc. Just a suggestion.

There are options for a future publish and expiration date if you want to write 3 articles and space out the addition to the blog by a few days and also whether or not you want comments.