Q. What is the purpose of E-commerce within DX1?

A. The E-commerce feature allows dealers a way to sell their parts inventory online. 

Q. Does the feature fully integrate within DX1? ( example: when a part is sold through E-Commerce does it affect my current DX1 inventory for the sold part?) 

A. No. E-commerce is a stand alone program.  All pricing, ordering, applicable discounts, and payment are done within the program itself. 

Q. What catalogs are offered with E-Commerce? 

A. Click the link below 

 Current Supported Catalogs for CMP users

Q. Can a dealership use private catalogs? Items sold under their own catalog? 

A. Yes, most are setup per dealership instructions before the account goes live, dealers can add additional catalogs by contacting Dx1 support at 877-944-6766

Q. Which third party payment companies does DX1 partner with? ( note: The dealer will need to sign up with the payment processor first, then DX1 can connect it) 

A. Paypal, Paypal Business, COD, and Authorize.net 

PayPal Setup

Authorize.net Setup

Q. Can my orders be brought into DX1? 

A. Yes. dealers can import orders from E-Commerce. Click the links below for the two options available

Online Order Import

Import DX1 E-Commerce Orders Into Invoicing

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