As the DX1 platform will migrate from the App based program to the Browser based program, setting up PartSmart for the browser will require new steps. As a precurser, your dealership will have to be signed up with PartSmart for access to their Microfiche. This will also require that you have installed the DX1 Microfiche Server if not find the link below to install it!


In this document, we will cover the following topics

    1) How to set the DX1 Microfiche Sever POS Link

    2) How to get the DX1 Integration Path 

    3) How to set up PartSmart settings

    1) How to set the DX1 Microfiche Sever POS Link

        a) Click on the DX1 MicroficheServer

        b) Click on the Options tab and click on Set Fiche Finder

        c) Select the ARI Partsmart box


        d) A window will appear double-click on the ARIShim.exe.config

        e) Click on the OK button and click OK on the Application restart may be required

        f) Click on the File tab and click on Exit

        g) Click on the DX1 MicroficheServer


2) How to get the DX1 Integration Path 

        a) Bring the cursor to the Taskbar and click on File Explorer

     b) Click on the Windows (C:), then double-click Program Files (x86)

    c) Double-click on DX1 Dominion Enterprises

     d) Double-click on DX1 Microfiche Server

         e) Click on the ARIShim to select it  

        f) Right click on the ARIShim to copy the path (this will be used later)

    3) How to set up PartSmart settings  

        a) Open PartSmart in your browser of choice, enter you information and click LOGIN

    b) In the bottom right corner click Person Icon and then click Advanced Settings

    c) Click on the Locations button


    d) Click on the Default button 

    e) Select the DMS Enabled box

    f) Click on Download DMS Agent link, then follow the steps on setup pop ups 

    g) Under DMS Provider scroll threw the list and select DX1

    h) From step 2.f paste the ARIShim in the DMS Command box

i) Click on the Save Changes Box. Now the integration between DX1 and PartSmart has been set up. The user can use the PartSmart to create picklists to export to DX1. 

That's it you are good to go!!!

DX1 and PS10 Integration Features Link

If you need further assistance reach out to our support team in any of the numbers of ways listed below. Good Luck!