In order to set up the TALONes™ DMS - DX1 Connector there are a few quick steps that must be completed.  These are typically a one time set and forget process, but we have created these guidelines to keep that one-time setup quick and efficient.

The first step is to create a new user in your TALONes™ system for DX1.  This is necessary in order for the TALONes™ data to be extracted and accessed by your DX1 Connector.

Instructions on how to set up a new vendor user are available in the Harley Davidson Dealer Systems reference document titled Data View User Access Creation.  As an overview, we have included the steps below, but remember if you want more detailed instructions, please refer to your TALONes™ documents.

STEP 1 - TALONes™ User Create

1. Go to the TALONes™ Administration module.

2. Select File | Advanced Security Module | Maintain Vendor User Access. The User Access Browse window opens.

3. Click “Add.” The Maintain Vendor User Access window opens.

4. Enter the vendor name in the “Name:” field. (NOTE: The Vendor Code or Vendor Name from Vendor Maintenance may be used if desired.)

5. Enter a user name in the “User Name:” field. This is the user name the CRM Vendor will use to access the Data Views. (The User Name must be unique to all stores on the server.)

6. Enter a password in the “Password:”

7. Enter the same password from step 6 in the “Confirm Password:” field.

8. Select special view:  ext.view_Extract_VehicleInventory with a check mark ( You may remove the check mark from any other Data View)

9. Select which store(s) the DX1 should access. (NOTE: This displays all stores on the same server, including archived/historical stores.)

10. Select the check box next to the acknowledgement stating you understand that Personally Identifiable Information will be shared with an outside vendor.

11. Click “Save.” (When the window closes, the User Access is created. When the window does not close, check all tabs for incomplete fields, indicated by a warning symbol: )

12. The new user is displayed on the User Access Browse window, and an Audit Trail record is added when the user is saved.

Now that you have set up a user, the next step is to log into your DX1 Dashboard for the Connector install.  Because the HD TALONes™ system is installed locally within each Dealership, and offers no direct internet connection, it is necessary to install a small piece of software on a machine located within the Dealership, preferably the same machine that runs your TALONes™ DMS. This tool provides a direct and secure connection from your TALONes™ database to DX1 whereby inventory information can be shared between the two systems. 

STEP 2 - DX1 Install

Prerequisites Required: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 (x86 and x64)

1. Log into your DX1 Dashboard

2. Once logged in, click on your initials on the top right to expand Administrative menu options.

3. Click on “Install DMS Connector - TALON” 

4. You will be redirected to a screen that has information about TALONes™ Connector application and a link to launch the app. You can use either the “Launch” link or the “Install” button to run the program.    


The “Install” button will ensure your computer has the proper system requirements installed prior to launching the DX1 Connector.

And then cycle you to the program install.  This is the screen you will see to confirm installation of the program. 

After the installation is complete, you will see the DX1 TALONes Connector program in your PC:

5. Now you are ready to set up the Connector.  Just double click on the program icon and you will be redirected to Microsoft Sign in window, enter your DX1 username and password to log in:

6. Once logged in, you will need to enter the TALONes™ server IP  and  the vendor access credentials created in Step 1 (Username and Password) on the TALONes™ Database Connection Screen.  If you do not know the TALONes™ server IP, you will need to ask either your dealership IT resource or someone familiar with the TALONes™ installation.

7. Click on the “Connect”  button on the top right to connect to the TALONes™ database

8. Once connected, you will see the DX1 to TALONes™ Database Mapping screen

a. Select a time to schedule the extraction of data from TALONes™ database to DX1 ( Application will run daily on the scheduled local time) 

b. Select the TALONes™ Database Name

9. Click on “Save” on the top right of the screen

10. Once mapping is set up,  your screen will refresh to the Connector Summary screen:

11. The TALONes™ Connector setup is complete. Once this is installed there is no need to re-access the DX1 Connector app unless you want to change the schedule for the data sync.

Please note, if your computer is turned off during the time you scheduled for getting data, the job will run once you power your computer back up.   And for extra efficiency, included on the Summary screen is a manual Sync to DX1 button so you can pull data anytime.  No need to wait for the set schedule if you need to sync real time.   

Once the connection is established and you have set  your data schedule, you are all set! To review your DMS listings, simply go back to the DX1 Dashboard → Listing Inventory and select DMS Inventory View after the scheduled data send time or you have used the manual sync button. 

If at any time you need to uninstall the TALONes™ Connector, just go to your computer’s Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall and from the list select DX1 DMS Connector for TALONes™ from the list. Once the uninstall steps are completed, the program and any scheduled jobs will be removed from your computer.

DX1's Inventory View tool provides an intelligent and efficient inventory matching and suggestion system, allowing efficient hands-off creation of marketing  listings for your DX1 website from your TALONes™ DMS system. 

NOTE - Please note for TALONes users, only units with an inventory type of "S" and inventory status of "A" currently are pulled over into the DX1 DMS Connector.  

Images are not included in the import.  Customer images will need to be manually uploaded.

 Find more detailed instruction on the DMS Connector please visit the DX1 Knowledge Base or call DX1 Support at 877.944.6766.