For many users of DX1 using the system can and does become second nature, however the need to fix invoices that have already been completed also happens quite often.  While yes the need to UN-complete can be done there are rules and reasons as to why some invoices CANNOT be UN-completed or have requirements to be opened up again. 

Q. Can anyone UN-complete an invoice? and if no, why not? 

A. The ability to UN-complete is permissions based ( what each user is allowed to do when logged into DX1).  Per the the dealerships requirements management typically will only want certain people to be able to open completed invoices. 

Q. Why is UN-completing a parts invoice such a big deal? 

A. the importance is tied to the accounting integration that most dealers choose at the time they sign up with DX1.  For example: when a part is sold out of inventory accounting entries ( a record of the debit and credit entries) are generated that allows the dealership to record that sale and have the correct accounts increased or decreased as applicable. 

When an invoice is UN-completed a set of "UN-Completed" entries are generated in the QB reconciliation area of DX1.  Typically these entries are not reflected on the same day as the original transaction. Once the changes are made to the invoice ( example the wrong payment method was used)  then "RE - Completed" another set of entries are created. These changes while needed can cause confusion and extra work for the dealership on the back end.  

Q. So a user has the permissions to do the UN-complete, is there ever a time when it's just not possible? 

Example # 1: When a part has already gone though the refund process. ( single item sold on the invoice)

In the invoice below ( #1769) the user needs to UN-Complete because they forgot to remove the restock fee.  The user cannot get to the UN - Complete option as a whole new invoice was created (invoice #1770) and that invoice has parts with a negative value.  Parts are also unable to be refunded twice and refunds can ONLY be issued from the completed area of parts invoicing. 

Q. So can specific changes be made to one part on the invoice? what can be changed? 

Example # 2: What changes can be done during the refund process of a single part with other items

Changes can be made during the refund process only. Individual parts CAN be refunded by going back to the original invoice, choosing the part, and clicking continue. 

Note: in the example shown, one part has already been refunded and a second needs to be refunded with changes

While still in the refund process the following CAN be done:

1. the refund itself

2. restock fees added or changed 

3. parts added

4. payments taken for parts added 

5. notes added 

6. discounts added or changed if new parts are being added 

Note: All of the changes are applicable based on the part being REFUNDED. All other parts on the same invoice would need to go through there own refund process to be eligible for the above listed change options. 

Once that specific part has been refunded NO additional changes can be made on the invoice itself.  Example: if the incorrect MOP ( Method Of Payment) was used during the refund process (cash instead of card) The user CANNOT go back in to make changes.  ( See example # 2)