The following FAQs are for Service. They are divided by Invoicing, Templates, and Warranty RO's.                                                                    

Can I start with a repair order directly?Yes and No, all repair orders outside of requesting service, must start as estimates so that you must convert to an RO only after the customer decides that they want the work to be done. By starting all service invoices as an estimate any parts added will not be pulled out of inventory in case the customer changes their mind so that the inventory is not held up.
What is the main advantage of using a Service Estimate?By using estimates to quote parts and labor helps you out by not affecting inventory.
How do I input service for a part that I have no unit information for?You will need to click +Add in the Select Customer Unit screen, select Custom Unit, and enter the Model Name (at the very least), then click Save. See the Help Topic for a more detailed step by step instruction. 
How do I correct a negative Unit Hours?Ensure that the Unit hours and the Allocated Hours match within the Labor section of the job.                               
How do I add miles into unit information?Within the Invoice Details section of the job click on the Unit information tab at the bottom of the page. Miles In and Miles Out will be on the right hand side.
Do worked hours show on the customer's receipt?No. Worked hours will never show on a customer's receipt, but if not configured labor hours for the job can.
Can parts requests be completed from the RO?Yes. Requests can be completed from the RO by clicking on the checkmark in the parts section of the RO. NOTE: If the part is a special order the process must still be done for the ordering, receiving, and picking up of that part before the RO can be completed.
How do I take off parts attached to the RO?All part removals must be done directly from the attached parts invoices. Some dealerships will either void the whole invoice or remove selected parts.

NOTE: Removal of parts can affect profit of a unit

Why can't I create a template?You may not have the proper roles and permission to create a template. Contact your manager/owner to check permissions. 
Is there a limit to the number of templates I can create?No. You can create as many templates as needed.
How do I create a new template?You will need proper permissions to create templates, but you can create a template through the Sales tile in the Service tileset from the Standard Job Template option in the left hand navigation menu. See the help doc:  Service Templates 
What's the advantage of creating and using service templates?There are four main advantages for creating and using templates:

  1. Templates can be created by specific model, make, year, or engine CC's. This makes sure that you won't choose the incorrect template for the job.                                                        
  2. Parts can be added at the creation level then once the template is added to the RO and saved the parts requests have now been created. This ensures that the correct parts will also be created.                                                        
  3. Any fees will be added once the template is loaded so a tech doesn't risk forgetting to add them.                                                        
  4. Changes can be made to the information loaded into the RO even though a template is being used. Any changes will only affect the RO itself, not the template on future jobs.
Can templates be added to RO's and WE's automatically?Yes! There is a toggle within the standard job template that you can toggle on to automatically add the template to an RO or WE.
What is the purpose of the Applicable Model?The applicable model is the backbone for all service templates.  That feature allows for the dealer to have control over if the template can be used on the unit being added to the RO or WE.
A unit is not showing as an option on my template, how do I fix this?Make sure the unit being added to the RO matches the model condition of the template (for example: the template states the model must be a 2009 CBR 1000 but the unit on the RO is a 2008 CBR 1000)
Can changes be made to a template after it's been added to an RO but not to an estimate?No, templates must be edited prior to adding them to the RO.
How do I remove or change the parts on a current RO or Estimate?You can change or remove any part by clicking on the trash or edit icons directly next to the part.
Can a template and regular RO or Estimate be used together?Yes, you can use a template and regular RO and Estimate together to give you more flexibility. 
If a change is made to the template itself (i.e. parts, labor, etc) does this affect any open templates that are currently in use?NO, any current open invoices will not be affected by changes made to a template.  Only new RO’s using the changed template will be affected.

What types of warranty does DX1 cover when it comes to using the warranty toggle?The DX1 Warranty toggle covers only manufacturer warranties.  Any 3rd party or manufacturer warranties that require a deductible to be paid will not use the DX1 toggle.
Can I do a warranty on internal units?Yes simply choose Charge to MU when adding the customer.
When I turned the warranty toggle on I received an error. How do I make sure the warranty was applied?Check for two things:

  1. Has the Warranty Vendor been set up?                                                
  2. Has a Warranty MOP been created for that vendor?                        
Where is the warranty toggle?The warranty toggle only displays after an estimate is converted to an RO.
When I turned on the warranty toggle the labor rate said 0.00. Why is this?Ensure the labor rate has been associated with the warranty vendor.
Can warranty and non-warranty jobs be done on the same RO?Yes, you can do a warranty job and a second non-warranty job on the same RO.
Can templates be used with warranty jobs?Yes, templates can be used with warranty jobs by loading the template, converting it to an RO, and then turning the warranty toggle on.
How do I do a warranty job for a stock unit based on a factory recall?You will need to Charge to MU on the affected stock number then choose pre-delivery so the internal job is done as a warranty job.
How do I remove parts from an internal unit?Locate the internal RO and uncomplete it. Next, open the parts invoices that contain the parts that were added. Either void the whole invoice or delete the individual parts. Be sure to re-complete the RO once all the parts are removed.


For additional support or questions regarding functionality, you can contact our customer support team in a number of ways shown below. Again it is mandatory for dealers to get with their accounting and business departments to understand the rules and regulations for your local, state, and federal laws.