Sometimes a dealer will attempt to post a major unit invoice from DX1 and receive an error while still in DX1.  These errors can provide information as to where to look and fix the issue so the deal can be posted. 

Example # 1: An open parts invoice attached to the stock number itself

In the error shown the stock number is mentioned along with either a Parts Invoice ,  WE ( Work Estimate), or RO (Repair Order) that is still open.  Until any of these are put into a completed state the unit will not be able to be sent to reconciliation. 

Where to look: Troubleshooting 

Since the error states that the stock number has the issue itself begin by looking inside two places:

1. Parts invoices 

2. Service invoices  

 Click on Menu on the left hand side.  

For this example parts invoicing will be checked first. Click Sales from the menu on the left 

Note: by opening up a new tab the user can move between the Major unit invoice and other areas of DX1

Check On Hold and Pickup/Refund sections to see if an invoice can be found for the unit itself.  

In this example a stock number shows under the on hold area for parts.  Since the invoice is on hold this is why the major unit invoice cannot be completed. 

Open the invoice. Dx1 recommends that if you are not the sales person to verify if the the invoice needs to be completed or voided with that sales person.  

For this example an invoice was attached but parts had yet to be added to the invoice.  Click the three dots in the upper right hand corner to void the invoice that was created in error.  

Leave notes as to why the sales was voided if applicable

Go back to the original Major Unit Invoice and click the Post  button in the upper right hand corner 

With the pending parts invoice now either completed or voided the major unit invoice can now be posted. 

Example # 2 Work Estimates or Repair Orders 

In this example the user gets the same error as above.  

Since RO ( repair orders) or WE ( work estimates) are part of the error along with parts invoices check service. 

Click on either Work Estimates or Repair Orders to see if an invoice has been opened on the stock number.

For this example the stock number is found with an open work estimate 

The invoice will need to be completed or voided. For this example the invoice was setup in error and needs to be voided. 

Once voided the deal can be posted.