Q.  Refunding a part is all the same right? 

A. No, There are rules and processes in place depending on which part of the dealership: ( parts, service, major units)  The refund needs to occur and why.

Refunding a part at the parts counter: Typically the customer comes back to the dealership needing to get his/her money back or exchange the part itself.  Refunds are done from the same invoice the part was first purchased under.  See link below for instructions. 

Refunding a parts invoice 

VERY IMPORTANT: When doing ANY refund strictly from the parts counter DO NOT begin a new invoice and then sell a part with a negative quantity. Doing so will cause errors with the inventory count for the part number. ALWAYS go back to the original invoice then do the refund.


Refunding Parts attached to Repair Orders: There are typically two instances when parts need to be removed from the Repair Order: 

1. While the repair order is still in an open status: In this instance the user would go look up the RO, scroll down to the parts section, and either go to the parts invoice that is attached to the RO using the arrow icon or going through the parts sales icon to look up the invoice number there.  Typically the invoice is simply voided and any charges are removed and will be reflected on the RO afterward. See instructions below.

Refunding parts attached to RO's

2. After the Repair Order has been completed: In some cases a dealer will need to remove parts but still need to charge for labor, or only remove some but not all parts.  

NOTE: The original RO must be uncompleted first before the parts can be removed. An error will show if the user tries to go directly back to the parts invoice that is attached to the RO.  The Parts invoice cannot be voided either until the RO has been uncompleted. 

Refunding parts attached to Major Unit quotes or deals: Typically the need for refund of these parts is due to work being done to a unit before going out to the sales floor. (commonly referred to as Charge To Major Unit) A link as been provided below if you have not seen or done the charge to major unit process

Charge to Major Unit

the refunding process for these parts is the same as parts attached to RO's.  Depending on if all labor and parts need to be removed the RO itself can be voided, or the RO will need to be un - completed, then the part invoice will need to be voided.  See the link below for instructions on this process

Removing Parts added before the unit is sold