Improvements have been made to the synchronization process between DX1 and Quickbooks. These improvements impact how customer and vendor information is sent to Quickbooks.

Only UNMAPPED vendors/customers will show in the QB synchronization screen.  If all vendors/customers have been mapped both sides will be empty.

New search option under customer mapping : Users may now use the search box to filter by customer name.

New definitions and actions when syncing customers and vendors: See blow

“Do Not Copy to DX1 DMS” (this is the default) - if this is selected nothing will happen when you click Submit unless the app finds an unmapped Customer or Vendor from Quickbooks with the same or very similar name, in this case the app will automatically match them.

“Copy to DX1 DMS” - When you click Submit the Customer or Vendor will be created in DX1 and will be mapped to the Customer or Vendor in QBs.  Be sure to select the A/R (for Customers), A/P (for Vendors) account and the Vendor Type for Vendors.

Note: On the right side you no longer have the option to map a newly added QBs Customer or Vendor to an existing DX1 Customer or Vendor, if you need to do this you can do it from the DX1 Customer or Vendor list on the left side.

Changing the mapping for a Vendor/Customer

Note: Customers is the default tab, users will need to click the vendors tab to review or remap vendors.

Click the Remap button in the upper right hand corner

If you have  a lot of unmapped Customers or Vendors we have added a search interface at the top of each list which lets you easily find the Customer(s) or Vendor(s) you are looking for.   Simply enter all or part of the name of the Customer or Vendor and click Search.

If any changes are made to mappings besure to click the submit button to save those changes

Additional Notes for Multi Location Organizations using a single QBs Company file


In DX1 you can see ALL customers from ALL locations

Any customer that is set as an A/R customer in DX1 will also show up in the Accounting App but ONLY for the location that it was created in.

Once a DX1 customer is mapped to QBs customer, that QBs customer is tied to that location and will NOT be available when mapping DX1 customers from the other location(s).

When a new customer is created in QBs it will show up on the right side, if you select “Copy to DX1 DMS” it will be created as an A/R customer in DX1 in the location that you are logged into the Accounting App with.   It is therefore very important that you make sure you are logged into the correct location when you Copy Customers from QBs to DX1.


In DX1, unlike Customer, Vendors are specific to the location

If more than one location does business with a given Vendor, you will need to set up multiple Vendors in QBs for that Vendor.  To help keep things organized it is highly recommended that you name the vendors you create in QBs with a name that ties it to the location.  For example if you have Location A and Location B and both do business with Polaris name the Vendors in QBs “Polaris A” and “Polaris B”