Note: If the Microfiche Icon is already installed on the PC skip to the microfiche icon portion of this document

Pull on the drop down next to the name of the person logged into Dx1 in the upper right hand corner of the Dx1 dashboard and choose Settings 

Choose Microfiche from the menu on the left 

Under the Honda Interactive Network  - Web turn the toggle to the ON position.  If the Microfiche integration has not get been setup click Install as shown 

Click on the Microfiche Icon 


Click on Options then Set Fiche Finder

Place a check mark in the Honda IN Microfiche (CD) box and click OK 

Once set go back up to options and click Trace On


Minimize the microfiche program.

Note: The program must remain open for the transfer of information between Honda IN (CD) and DX1.

Honda IN (CD)

If Honda IN (CD) is already installed.  Uninstall and reinstall.

On the installation you will see a dropdown to choose the DMS System. Choose standard file based DMS System. 

  1. A new Temp folder will need to be created in the client’s C Drive.  From the File explorer to the C drive then right click and add a new folder.  If a Temp folder already exists delete that old one and create a new one.


 2. Navigate to the Honda IN folder should be located in C:/HORJA/Catalog/bin/ ConfigureDMS.xml

3.  Rename ConfigureDMS.xml to ConfigureDMS.old Import the following file using the file transfer function in Go To Assist:

For Windows 10 

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>



  <RequestFilePath>C:\Users\(Insert correct username based on Computer)\AppData\Local\Temp\</RequestFilePath>




  <ExecutableFilePath>"C:\Program Files (x86)\Dominion Dx1\"</ExecutableFilePath>








<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>







  <ExecutableFilePath>C:\Program Files (x86)\Dx1 Dominion Enterprises\DX1 Microfiche Server\</ExecutableFilePath>








4. Close and Open or Open Honda IN (CD) and Test.


Issue: Microfiche Icon doesn’t show up in Dx1 with the microfiche server running.

1st Resolution: Run C:\Program Files (x86)\Dx1 Dominion Enterprises\Dx1 Microfiche Server\InstallPrivateKey.exe

    It should just give you installed successfully window, if not have dealer login as admin and run it again.

2nd Resolution: Add port 5655 to Outbound firewall. control panel by right clicking on start/windows button.

2. select windows firewall.

3. On the left side select advance settings.

4. select outbound rule from the left side then new rule from the right side.

5. select port select then click next

6. Select TCP port type and specific port 5655 then click next.

7. Select allow the connection then click next.

8. Check all 3 places (Domain, Private and Public) then click next.

9 Name it Dx1 Microfiche TCP and click finished.

10. Repeat steps 4 through 9 and change port type to UDP

11. Close Dx1 Microfiche and reopen to test again.

Issue: Honda IN (CD) installed as something else as a Standard file based DMS


1.Find initialization.xml file and open/edit the file.

2.Replace section the below in the file after <pricecode code=

  <session code="" />

  <menu id="" />

  <dmsprovider code="rjaa3091" />

  <dms code="rjaa3091" />

  <language code="0" />









3. Save file and close.

4. Close and open Honda IN (CD) then test.

5. If test was unsuccessful a uninstall and reinstall of Honda IN (CD) must be done.

6. Uninstalling Honda IN (CD) require to programs be uninstalled 

    Honda IN and Microsoft SQL Server.(They should have the same install dates)

    Not uninstalling Microsoft SQL server will result in a error when reinstalling.