How to Complete Forms Set Up for New Customers with OKI Data Printer 

Resetting OKI Data printer to factory defaults 

Turn the printer off using the button located on the side of the printer.

Press and hold SEL and LF simultaneously while turning the printer back on. 

Changing settings on OKI Data printer 

Load a blank sheet of 8.5 x 11 printer paper into the OKI. 

 Press and hold SHIFT and then press SEL to put the printer in MENU Mode. (The MENU light under the FF/LOAD and TEAR buttons should be glowing orange) 

\Press the GROUP button repeatedly until the words TOP FEED appear in the first 


Now press the ITEM button repeatedly until PAGE LENGTH appears in the second  column. 

Press the SET button until 17” appears in the third column. 

Press the GROUP button again repeatedly until SET-UP appears in the first column.  

Press ITEM again repeatedly until PAPER OUT OVERRIDE appears in the second column. 

 Press the SET button once and change the default from No to Yes. 

Press the ITEM button repeatedly again until AUTO SELECT appears in the second column. 

Press the SET button once and change the default from No to Yes. 

 Press and hold the SHIFT button and push SEL to exit MENU Mode and to save these settings. 

 Setting the Top of Form 

(IMPORTANT! If you turn the platen knob when the printer is on, the Top of Form misaligns. Always turn the printer off before turning the platen knob to remove a paper jam, etc.) 

With the same 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper loaded, press SEL to take the printer off line. (The orange SEL light should go off) 

Press and hold the SHIFT button and then press the LF / MICRO FEED DOWN button to set the Top of Form setting to the highest point possible (the print head will stop moving once reached). 


Remove fingers from all buttons 

Now press and hold SHIFT and then press the QUIET/TOF button to engage the new settings. (An orange light should blink once above the QUIET/TOF button) 

 Press SEL to save the setting and put the printer back on line. (The SEL light should now glow orange) 

Setting up the Print Driver 

From the Start menu, locate the Devices and Printers screen. 

 Select the OKI printer, right click on it, and select Print Properties. Go to the Advanced tab and click the New Driver button. 

Find Generic under the Manufacturer list and choose IBM graphics 9 Pin under the Model list. 

Click Apply. This will change your name of your printer to Generic IBM Graphics 9 Pin – You can change the name to whatever you’d prefer if you click on the General tab in that same window. 

If your OKI Data printer isn’t already selected, click on it once and then select Print Server Properties from the top menu bar. 

Create each of your forms and put in the actual length and width of the pdf scan. You can determine the size of the form by opening it in your DX1 print screen and hovering your mouse in the bottom left hand corner of the form in that screen. 

 Once you have set up all forms and their sizes, close out of the Print Server Properties menu and go back to your printer and right click on it once more. Select Printing Preferences, click on Advanced and set the dpi to the highest setting available.

 Printing your forms from DX1 

Please complete your sales deal to the fullest. The more information provided in your deal, the more information will appear on the form. Please make sure to enter the registration information so any forms that require a birth date or driver’s license number will appear. 

Open your print screen and select the form you’d like to print. 

Go over the information. Make sure there isn’t anything you’d like to change or add. When you’re ready to print make sure you select the printer you will be using in the top bar of your print screen. 


Now ALWAYS make sure that the Size Option is set to Actual Size and that the Choose  paper source by PDF page size box is checked

and then proceed to print. 

(Note: Load the paper in your Oki Data printer carefully. The form must feed properly for the data to print on line)

Now look at the preview of the form you are about to print on your right. Make sure the size matches the size of the form. 


If the form size matches, please proceed with printing the form. Once the form is printed, look for any checkboxes that do not line up, information printing incorrectly, formatting issues, or if any of the fields need to be adjusted. Please scan a copy of any incorrect form and send to so the form can be fixed.