Setting up DX1 Gift Cards is easy!  

The first thing you will need to do is call Factor-4 to set up your account and to order the needed Gift Cards.

Factor-4 Contact;

Dan Battista

Tel. (484) 471-3963

Once you have your account set up and your Gift Cards ordered follow these steps to complete the setup in DX1:

1) Add a Gift Card Liability account to your QBs COAs

2) Enable Gift Cards in DX1

3) Connect your barcode reader to your computer 

4) Set up the Gift Card Method of Payment (MOP)

1) Add a Gift Card Liability account to your QBs COAs

You may need your accountant to help you with this step

In Quickbooks create a Liability account called something like "Gift Cards"

Sync the new Liability account to DX1

Note: Do not use the Gift Card feature until the Gift Card Liability account has been setup and synced from QB

2) Enable Gift Cards in DX1

Click on your user initials in the upper right and then choose "Dealership Settings"

Select "Gift Card Setup" from the menu on the left

On the Gift Card Setup page do the following:

- Set the Gift Card Processing Enabled toggle to the “On” position

- Enter your "Location ID" (Provided by Factor-4)

- Enter your "Terminal ID" (Provided by Factor-4) 

- Enter your "User Name" (Provided by Factor-4) 

- Enter your "Password" (Provided by Factor-4) 

- From the  Gift Card Liability Account dropdown select your Gift Card Liability account set up in Step 1

- Receipt Count - Select how many receipts you would like to print on your thermal receipt printer for each Gift Card transaction

Once everything is entered and selected click Save, this will validate the values that you entered, if you receive an error it probably means you mistyped one of the values, double check and try again.

3) Connect your barcode reader to your computer:

Any generic USB barcode reader should work, simply plug it into a free USB port of the computer you are using and you should be good to go.

Note: a barcode reader is not required to process Gift Cards as the card numbers can be manually typed in but it makes the process much quicker and easier and is highly recommended.

4) Setting up the Gift Card Method Of Payment

Under Dealership Settings select  "Method Of Payment" from the left menu 

DX1 has a default "Gift Card" method of payment (MOP) you can use, but it may need to be activated.

To find the Gift Card MOP click the gear icon in the top right to bring up the advanced search and select Status = "All" and then click Search

In the search bar type "Gift" and then click Search, this will filter the list to only show MOPs that include the word "Gift"

Locate the one named "Gift Card" and tagged as "Public", click in that row to open it up

Once the Gift Card MOP Details page is open all you need to do is:

Make sure the Active toggle is set to "On"

At the bottom from the "GL Account" dropdown select your Gift Card Liability account

Click Save

Before users try and use the DX1 Gift Card feature for the first time they will need to either Sign Out and back in or do an Application Reset, to do this click on your initials in the top right and then from the Menu select "Application Reset". 

That's it you are good to go!!!

Here is a link to the Using DX1 Gift Cards Help Doc

If you need further assistance reach out to our support team in any of the numbers of ways listed below. Good Luck!