We designed our repair order list to be visually pleasing with a fully customizable experience. Here is an overview of some of the high-level details and how to optimize the many great features of the RO list design.

  • Expand the invoice level summary to see all the unit and job details
  • Full list customization - Show or hide 30+ columns related to RO details. 
  • Advanced compound search lets you build page views and find exactly what details you need in seconds
  • Your configuration stays with you as you move around the dealership, it will feel like you designed it, because you did!

We will cover the following items in this document

  • Grid Pages
  • List Configuration
  • RO Summary Row Highlights
  • Job Details Row Highlights
  • Advanced Filtering
  • List Refresh

Grid Pages

  1. Searching Invoice Types
    1. Using the Invoice Type dropdown you call select
      1. Repair Orders - Default
      2. Work Estimates
      3. All
    2. Click Search

List Configuration

  1. How to add and remove RO list fields
    1. Click any gear icon in the field description header
    2. Click the Column Chooser Option
    3. To show a hidden field click the "Show" option left of the field name
      1. You can click Show for multiple fields when in the column chooser pop up
    4. Click "Apply"
  2. To remove a field, you have two options
    1. Click the gear icon in the column header you would like to hide and click the "Hide" option
    2. You can also click the "Column Chooser" option and click "Hide" next to one or multiple fields
    3. Click "Apply"
  3. How to organize list field order
    1. Your first option is to simply click and drag a field header to the desired position in the sales list
    2. Your other option is to click the gear icon on the desired field header and click the "Move To" option
    3. Product Manager Tip - When adding or removing columns the field widths will reset to a default percentage of the selected fields. What that should mean in simpler words, make sure you get all your fields set before you start setting field widths.
  4. How to adjust column width
    1. To adjust the column width, click one side of the desired column and drag to the desired width.
    2. Product Manager Tip - You can always double-click the right-hand side of any column to auto-adjust to the width of the largest amount of displayed data in the field. Think similar to any spreadsheet you have done this in. 
    3. Bonus Tip - The last column always needs to be dragged to the right to make it larger
  5. How to reset the list to default
    1. Click the "Reset Grid" button

RO Summary Row Highlights

  1. "+" Icon OR "-" Icon
    1. Allows you to expand or collapse the RO Summary Line to view or hide job details
  2. RO#
    1. RO's are sorted from newest to oldest
  3. In date
  4. Customer Display Name As or Internal Sale Unit Stock #
  5. Total number of units and jobs associated with the invoice
  6. Invoice Total
  7. RO Status
  8. Pencil Icon - Click to open to invoice details page
  9. Calendar Icon - Opens the Appointment window
    1. Product Manager Tip - When hovering over the calendar icon you can see all existing appointments associated with invoice units
  10. Part Invoice Status Icon
    1. Product Manager TipHover over the icon to see the parts status details
  11. Printer Icon - Opens Receipt Type Window
  12. Email Icon - Opens email customer window
  13. Quick Void Icon - Voids the Invoice

Job Details Row Highlights

  1. Displays visible job field information
  2. Icons
    1. Pencil Open - Opens job details for selected unit
    2. Image Icon - Allows users to take and upload PC or mobile pictures to a unit in the invoice
    3. Printer Icon - Prints the Technician Job Sheet
    4. Bulletin Notification if it exists (BRP, Polaris, Kawasaki, Honda, and Yamaha only)
      1. Blue - Service Bulletins exist but all have been claimed 
      2. Red - Unclaimed Service Bulletins (BRP Only)
    5. View Vehicle Specification Icon
      1. Information varies depending on the manufacturer
      2. Product Manager Tip - If this is the first time the unit has hit your system click this icon. Certain vendors display vehicle specs, service history, and service plan information. **Some icons require integration details in dealership settings
    6. Unit Service History
  3. Clickable grid fields
    1. Job Indicators - Click to set or update a job indicator
    2. Customer Display Name As - Opens customer details
    3. VIN/HIN number - Opens the vehicle details window
    4. Unit Location - Dropdown of unit locations

Advanced Filtering

  1. Select ALL or ANY in the "Show records matching" drop down
    1. Product Manager Tip When using all think about the results showing more than result that shares all criteria selected, so think only matching
    2. When using ANY think show me all things that match this criteria, meaning not in one record only
  2. Use the first drop down selector to select the field you want to search
  3. Use the second drop down to set the way in which the information can be searched. These fields are not all the same so make sure to explore them all
  4. In some cases a criteria will ask for a third field. In this case simply select or type what you need to get the right search
    1. Product Manager Tip - After toggling the job completed toggle to On, DX1 adds a (C) to the start of the job title. This is to help you see this status in the grid. So here is the tip, if you want to see all completed jobs in a search do a Job Title, Contains, "(C)" search
  5. To add additional criteria to a search click the "+ Add Criteria" button, you can add up to 5 criteria
  6. To remove a criteria without clearing the search, click the "X" icon next to the search criteria and watch your search update in real time
  7. To clear a search simply click the "X Clear all" button

List Refresh

  1. The Refresh button will be activated (Blue and White) when there has been a change to the RO or Job data shown in the list.  Changes may have been made by another user or another tab by the same user.
  2. Click the Refresh button list
    1. This is the same function as hitting F5 to refresh a page or browser tab
    2. We want you looking at the most updated information possible, at your pace


For additional support or questions regarding functionality, you can contact our customer support team in a number of ways shown below. Again it is mandatory for dealers to get with their accounting and business departments to understand the rules and regulations for your local, state, and federal laws.