Navigate to Dashboard.


Select Major Unit Management under the "Major Units" tile set.




 Use the filter options to search for the unit.  Once found click on the stock number



Click on Pricing from the left hand menu 


Users can make changes to the following areas for the pricing screen 

1. Adjusting all pricing values entered in at the time the unit was received along with setting special pricing, Out The Door Pricing ( OTDP)  and expiration dates for those special prices. 



To change the default pricing click the drop down Current Price.  If out the door pricing or special price is chosen, set the expiration date fields as shown.                             




2. Making a unit As Paid. This will allow for filters to be used in the main inventory screen to show only paid for units. To review where the search filter options are located click on the link below: 

Main Search screen: an overview 

3.  Hide Price and Send Price on Request  - Web: If the dealership is using DX1 to host their website and the unit has been set to show on the website these two toggles will affect how pricing is shown for the unit itself in regards to the web. 

For an overview of how these two toggles work click on the link below: 

Web pricing toggles

4. Change the defaults for setup, freight, and other for the specific unit inside inventory:   This will only affect the unit itself.  Any  future unit received in or that is inside inventory will show with the default values unless the dealer decides to make changes. 

5.  Checking Unit Profit after changes have been made: In the example below the DSP has been changed.  Click the Unit Profit button in the upper right hand corner.  The user will be asked if they wish to save and continue. 

Any changes made that can affect profitability will be shown and can be printed out if applicable.