Rule: Any part number that was created using the previous process for ordering and receiving bulk parts will need to be marked as Discontinued, or Retire on Depletion. 

Reason: With the changes and improvements to how bulk items are handled, the old process does not take into account  the way the process now functions. Issues with Accounting, Inventory, Selling, and Receiving would occur if the affected parts numbers are not setup properly. 

Rule: QTY On Hand MUST be set to 0 before the part number can be used for splitting purposes 

Reason: With 0 in stock this allows for the bulk feature to be in place so when the part number is received in the correct pricing, cost, and DSP when sold.  These correct values will be reflected when the split feature has been setup withing the part inventory detail. 

Rule:  Once the Split Bulk Item feature has been activated on a part number, that part number CANNOT be special ordered moving forward.  

Reason: With the parts being ordered in such large quantities ( example: part # 531310A) 220 litters shows in current inventory levels. Typically such large amounts would not be sold often enough to get to a zero inventory level before more of the bulk item is ordered, either by manual ordering or though Min/Max options set inside inventory.