Q: What does MSRP Price Lock do? 

A. Once a unit is in inventory the dealer may choose to "lock" the selling price to MSRP only, even if new pricing data has been updated in DX1. This can be used in both Major Unit Management and Listing Inventory and Classifieds 

QWhere is this option located? 

Example #1 Major Unit Inventory 

A. Once inside a unit, click on Pricing on the left hand side menu.  the toggle defaults to the "OFF" position next to the MSRP pricing shown.

Toggle to the "ON" position and click Save

Note: The user will get the following notification to confirm the change being made 

Example # 2 Listing Inventory and Classifieds 

Q. Can anyone set a unit to a locked MSRP? 

A. No. Only the following 


General Manager

Sales Manager

Web Administrators