Navigate to “Marketing Communication” tile set on DX1 dashboard

Select Listing Inventory and Classified tile

Select a unit from the inventory list.

Once on the  Inventory Detail page,

Select Click here to activate to expand Monthly Payment section under Pricing

Fill in the Financing terms

  • Calculate From: Select Calculate from options from the dropdown list.

    • Current Price (Default)

    • OTDP

    • Price

    • Retail Price

    • Special Price

    • Custom (This option lets you enter your own custom value to calculate from)

  • Down Payment:Enter your desired down payment amount. The default amount is $0.00

  • Interest Rate: Default interest rate is 3.99%. You may change it to a different value.

  • Loan Term: Select the Loan term from the dropdown list.

    • 12 months

    • 24 months

    • 36 months

    • 48 months

    • 60 months (Default)

    • 72 months

    • 84 months

  • Estimated Monthly Payment : Your estimated monthly payment based on your input on above fields will display here

Click Save on the top right to save your selection.

  • You may delete the monthly payment by clicking on delete icon next to it.

The calculated Monthly payment along with loan term, interest rate, and down payment will appear on the unit listing. A disclaimer is included.

Detail Page

List View

Card View

Click on View Disclaimer to see the disclaimer.