The following FAQs are for Marketing. They are divided by Newsletters/Email Blasts, Listing Inventory and Classifieds and Social Marketing.

Newsletters/Email Blasts


How do I know if my subscribers are receiving my newsletters and email blasts?You can view this by clicking on Reporting in the left hand menu inside newsletter Tile.
What's the difference between a newsletter and an email blast?A Newsletter is a more elaborate email that contains a templated appearance and may include images, banners, inventory, promotions, and multiple blocks of text. It is best used to create a polished email that may have many announcements or a wide range of topics.


An Email Blast lacks the professional template and features of a newsletter, resembling an email you might send directly to a customer from your email inbox.

See the help article on How to build and send a newsletter for more information.

Listing Inventory and Classifieds


Is there a cost for sending inventory to Classified sites?Craigslist is the only service that charges a fee. Contact customer service to discuss how the Craiglist fee applies.
Does sold inventory get taken off classified spaces automatically?Yes! Inventory will be removed from Classified sites when it is deactivated or marked as sold.
How do I lower the price on a unit below MSRP without the unit appearing as ‘On Sale’ on my website?

Rather than changing the DSP value for the unit, set the current price to ‘Retail’ price, adjust the price, and set the ‘LOCK’ toggle to ON to prevent price changes if the OEM updates the model.