Q. What is Inventory On Demand? 

A. A feature in DX1 that allows those dealers who have their website hosted by DX1  to take there in - stock inventory from their website to be shared on third party websites ( example: Chopper Exchange ) 

Q. Does my dealership have to pay for this service? If yes, who do we speak to? 

A.  Yes.  The service is an additional $100.00 per month.  For further details and purchasing please contact your account manager or support at 877-944-6766 

Q. Is there a way to see if my dealership has already signed up for Inventory On Demand ? 

A. Yes.  See below: Note: Only those with the proper permissions will have access 

Click on the initials in the upper right hand corner, then choose Marketing 

Look for IOD on the left hand side.  If you do not see IOD, then the dealership has not yet signed up for Inventory On Demand

Q. Does DX1 Control which third party sites the link goes to? 

A. No.  DX1 simply provides the URL feed so the inventory can be distributed on those third party sites.