NOTE: Some versions of the Safari browser do not support the Classifieds interface. If you are using Safari and receive a login prompt or blank screen when attempting to access Classifieds, please use a different web browser- such as Chrome or Firefox- to access this screen.

Click Listing Inventory and Classifieds


Choose Craigslist from the menu on the left 

Before posting click the Sync Data button.  This does two things:

Adds any new units from inventory so they can be posted ( if applicable) 

Removes any unit that has been sold out of DX1 

Click the Select an Action drop down then choose Post to Craigslist

Note: A budget must be set before any posting to Craigslist can be done. 

The Manage Listing box will pop up. Make any needed then click the Schedule button in the lower right hand corner. 

Note:  A link will be included in the posting. When clicked on will take the customer to the dealerships website where if the customer fills out the boxes a lead will be created inside DX1. 

A calendar will appear when schedule is clicked. Pick the day the add will post