Customers and Leads


1. Lead setting; this is where anything that comes in from your websites.

  1. General Setting

                   a1.  Toggle on/off to allow salesperson to view all Leads.

                   a2.  Lead Expiration (Days) this is where you will decide how long before the lead expires from your system.

B. Notifications /Assignment


  b1.  Automatic Lead Response toggles on to send automated emails to your customer who submit a lead online.

  b2.  Automatic Lead Assignment toggle on/off for both Internet and Finance Lead types. Leads will be assigned in a rotating fashion between selected users. Go to drop down decide who will receive the leads.

b3.  Lead Notification for Management Roles toggle on/off for both internet and finance lead type. Selected Users with Management roles will receive a notification for all leads. Go to drop down and select user.

b4.  Web Form Notification this is where if you have our site you can select users that will receive a notification when a form is submitted. Toggle on/off for Form Type, Contact Us, Service Request, Parts Request and Other Web Forms


C. Source Management

  c1. This is where you would go to add your lead sources and the media type.

  D. Lead Status Threshold

 d1.  This is where you set to indicate if a lead is Overdue or Critical in term of follow up. A lead is flagged as Overdue or Critical is the lead status has not been updated since the date and time of creation, based on the number of days and hours set for each threshold.

2.  Leads; This is where you will be able to see your leads based on Lead Source, Lead State, Lead Status, Start date and End date. You’ll also see Overdue and Critical leads highlighted in the appropriate color.


 A.    Road to the Sale

 a1.  WWW this is where you have your, introduction checklist. Event and Complete progress items are check off and completed save and the button will change to green indicating complete.

                  a2.  Calendar this is where you will find your appointment process checklist.

                  a3.  Person and car this is where you have your Meet and Greet Process checklist.

                  a4.  Paperwork this is where you have your, credit check Quote check list.

                  a5.  Key this is where you have your, Delivery process checklist.   

 3. Logbooks; this where the managers will go to see All leads

4. Email Templates; This is where you will create your automated emails for you lead auto responder

 5. Finance application; here you will see the finance apps that were through DX1

6. Sales Assistant; quick access to what you have in your inventory


a.     Model lookup

 b.     Promotions