Whether a salesperson is no longer working at your dealership, is now in a new department, or many other reasons, you may find yourself needing to transfer open leads to a different salesperson. You may now use the following process to easy divert open leads from one salesperson to another.



Navigate to the Dashboard.


Select the Lead Settings tile from the "Customers and Leads" tile set.






Select Transfer Open Leads from the left hand navigation menu.



Select the name of the user with open leads in the search drop down menu and click Search.                            




NOTE: As always, you may refine your search by clicking on the gear icon.



Check the boxes of the lead(s) you'd like to transfer. Checking the checkbox in the header line will check or uncheck all leads.


Click Transfer.





NOTE: You may want to divide the open leads among multiple salespeople or simply only transfer one lead. 



Select the User you would like to transfer the leads to from the drop down menu.






Type a note in the Notes field and click Transfer.


The salesperson who is now assigned the leads will receive and email notifying them.