Dx1 has introduced a cleaner way to tag units  and segment them for specialized searches on DX1 websites: Tag Management.  From the Dx1 Dashboard, navigate to the Listing Inventory and Classified tile.  Once clicked you will see a new entry on the left side menu named Tag Management:

If you have used Custom Text previously to tag units, those were automatically imported into Tag Management as part of this new product release.  You can use the tags previously created or add new ones directly from the Tag Management screen.

Once tags are created, assigning them to units is done from the Inventory Detail page:

Please note, Custom Tags are still there as well but they will only display as part of a Highlights Image. Once units are tagged, you can create filtered searches based on that tag by using Showroom Settings:

  • Select the search page you want to create a filtered search on from the dropdown at the top
  • Then toggle Custom Tags to On
  • Include indicates that the selected search will only display units that are tagged with the selected tag(s).  In the example above this search will only display units that have the Coming Soon tag
  • Exclude will remove those tagged units from the search
  • You can also multi-select tags for inclusion or exclusion in the designated search
  • Additionally the filters above can also be manipulated to filter searches

If you need help creating a filtered search please submit a ticket to dx1support@dx1app.com.