The Network Access Setting option inside DX1 allows management to determine which employees are allowed to access DX1 outside of the dealership's main IP address.  

Common questions concerning this feature: 

Q. Where does a manager or owner go to setup this feature

A.  Please contact support at 877-944-6766.

Q.  Once the feature has been activated, does it apply to all users? 

A. The feature can be applied at the individual level.  Example: a Manager may have access to use DX1 when at home, but may set the access to a parts counter person to only be able to access DX1 when using the PC's at the dealership based on the IP address for those PC's 

Note: Only those with the proper permissions may set individual DX1 access. 

Click on the user initials in the upper right hand corner then click on Users 

Search and select the user 

Scroll down and click the check box shown, then click Save