To help you find parts for your customer or service department, DX1 has integration set up with PartSmart so you can easily and efficiently look up and export parts. As a precurser, your dealership will have to be signed up with PartSmart and install their software for access to their Microfiche. 

  • Help you look up parts quickly
  • Keep your customer happy so they aren't waiting
  • Efficiently export pick lists to DX1, no copy and paste


In this document, we will cover the following topics

    1) The integrations DX1 has with PartSmart

    1) The integrations DX1 has with PartSmart

        a) Click on the Microfiche button 

   b) Click on the ARI Part Smart - Desktop button

    c) Click on the PartSmart Icon in the taskbar a

    d) Select a diagram, double click on the hot spot, part info or part number you need

   e) This will bring up the parts information pop up, with the integration to DX1 you can see your dealerships part information in the box. 

   f) To add this to a pick list you will click on the paper & pencil icon and it will add it below the part diagram list 


    g) Click Submit and in the drop-down click Business System

    h) Now you can see that the Pick List was successfully added to DX1 and your part information

That's it you are good to go!!!

If you need further assistance reach out to our support team in any of the numbers of ways listed below. Good Luck!