When a dealer chooses to have their accounting integrated with DX1, there can be some confusion as to what all of that means if the person is not the main accountant but may have some responsibility to understand how to make changes from an accounting standpoint. 

Q: Why would my dealership use the accounting integration with DX1? 

A.  The integration provides the dealership a way to not have to enter in by hand every transaction that occurs during a day into Quickbooks. The integration also groups the same set of entries together under the same reference number.  The DX1 Accounting Connector app then allows for those entries to be reviewed before being sent over to Quickbooks in batches.  

For an overview of how the accounting reconciliation works: click the link below


Q: What is “Mapping”? 

A.  Mapping is the process of taking the accounts from a dealership's Quickbooks accounts and syncing them (using The DX1 Accounting Connector) to DX1. Default accounts are then “Mapped” inside DX1 using drop downs in specific areas ( example: Income from a new unit that was sold).  With these default accounts set, it allows for the dealer to have a seamless reconciliation process. 

Q: Where in DX1 are the defaults set? What are the common areas that changes could be made if needed?

A: See below for an overview

NOTE: before proceeding, the areas of DX1 that will be shown have the following rules: 

ONLY those employees who have the proper permissions may access the areas shown.  If your dealership requires that a user have this access the dealer principle will need to contact support at: DX1support.com

For the areas being shown: The mapping has already been set up before the dealership began using DX1. 


Area 1: Vendors: Most mapping for vendors is found under the Vendors tile

Defaults foAP General Ledger Vendor and Accounts Payable for each vendor type as shown below:

Q: Is there a way to know if mapping has been done? or  how to change or set mapping if it is missing?

A.  If a default account is missing it will show as Not Set see example below:

Click into the vendor type that needs to have the mapping set or updated then scroll to the bottom.  Under Accounting Information the two default accounts can be set or changed. 

Note: When changing or setting the default, the account will have to have been created in Quickbooks and synced to DX1 to show in the drop down. 

Area 2: Dealership Settings 

A good portion of the default mapping is found in this area of DX1. Click on the user initials in the upper right hand corner then choose Dealership Settings 

Q: Since most of the defaults for the dealership are here and have already been set, why would someone come into this area if they are not the accountant?

A.  See below:

F&I Products: When new F&I products have been added.  Click on the product then set the default using the drop down 

Method Of Payment: Click on the payment, scroll to the bottom, and set the GL Account